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    Daily English

    時間:2018-04-27   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

    If life is divided into two episodes, the first is “hesitance-free”, while the second is “regret-free”



    • ·往期回顧 2013年7月2013-08-02

      往期回顧 2013年7月

      時間:2013-08-02   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

      Did you propose a change in the material of packaging?


      Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't you suggesting that we put these words down in the contract as a separate clause?


      A moment ago, you mentioned something about the design of the packing. Will you detail it a bit?


      As I said just now, any money spent now would give you greater savings in the long run.


      單詞 解析:

      sharp: 鋒利??芍父偁幖ち?。

      packaging: 包裝。還有一詞packing,也是包裝的意思,如果寫在合同中,則是指包裝條款。

      clause: 條款的意思。還有term也表示條款。

      We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you on the basis of

      quality, mutually benefit and exchange of needed goods .


      In order to extend our export business to your country we wish to enter direct business relations with you.


      Our hope is to establish mutually beneficial trading relations between us .




    • ·往期回顧 2013年6月2013-07-01

      往期回顧 2013年6月

      時間:2013-07-01   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

      20、Thanks for reminding us.

      21、Our position on the issue is very simple.

      22、We can not be sure what you want unless you tell us.

      23、We have done a lot.

      24、We can work out the details next time.

      25、I suggest that we take a break.

      26、Let’s dismiss and return in an hour.

      27、We need a break.

      28、May I suggest that we continue tomorrow.

      29、We can postpone our meeting until tomorrow.

      30、That will eat up a lot of time.

        I think I have made it very clear that D/A is absolutely impossible.

      You said just now that competition could be very sharp.

      Earlier, you mentioned that this kind of products is in great demand on the international market.


    • ·往期回顧 2013年5月2013-06-27

      往期回顧 2013年5月

      時間:2013-06-27   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

          Do you have specific request for packing? Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look.
        I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. I’m sure the prices we submitted are competitive.
        Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.
        大量 詢盤 證明我們的產品質量過硬。
        We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.
        My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.
        Moreover, we’ve kept the price close to the costs of production.
        Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you’ll choose?
        Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?
          1、Would anyone like something to drink bdfore we begin?
        2、We are ready.
        3、I know I can count on you.
        4、Tust me.
        5、We are here to solve problems.
        6、We’ll come out from this meeting as winners.
        7、Ihope this meeting is productive.
        8、I need more information.
        9、Not in the long run.
        10、Let me explain to you why .
        11、That’s the basic problem.
        12、Let’s compromise.
        13、It depends on what you want.
        14、The longer we wait ,the less likely we will come up with anything.
        15、Are you negotiable?
        16、I’m sure there is some room for negotiation.
        17、We have another plan.
        18、Let’s negotiate the price.
        19、We could add it to the agenda.
    • ·往期回顧 2013年4月2013-06-27

      往期回顧 2013年4月

      時間:2013-06-27   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

        I’m afraid I can’t give you a definite reply now.恐怕我現在無法給你一個明確的答復。
        I can’t make a decision right now.我現在無法作出決定。
        I just need some time to think it over.我需要時間考慮考慮。
        We are still a little unsure about the prospect, though.不過,我們對于前景還是有點不能確定。
        There are certain points that I’ll have to consider very carefully.有些問題我得慎重考慮。
        That may well be so. I’m not sure.很可能是這樣的。我不敢確定。
        It all depends.這得看情況而定。 

          訂單: order sheetorder formorder blankorder note
        訂購帳?。?order boook
        訂購樣品憑樣訂購: sample orderorder by sample
        確實已訂: firm order
        第一次訂購: initial orderfirst order
        正式訂單: formal order
        有限訂單: limited order
        按行情訂購: market order
        原始訂單: original order
        未能按時交貨訂單尚未交貨訂單: back order
        開口訂貨: open order
        開始訂貨: opening order
        繼續訂貨再次訂貨: repeat order
        追加訂貨補充訂購: additional order
        分批訂單: split order
        出口訂單: export order
        進口訂單: import order
        已收到訂單: order on hand
        領到訂單: order booked
        寄出訂單: order given
        收到訂單: received order
        郵購: mail order
        新訂單: new order
        口頭訂單: verbal order
        電報訂單: cable ordertelegraphic order
        試驗訂購試購: trial order
        向。。寄出訂單: to order fromto give an order forto place an order withto put in an orderto pass an order
        對。。訂貨: to pass one an order
        不訂貨: to pass with an order
        對。。傳達訂貨: to transmit an order to one
        接到訂單收到訂單: to receive an order
        寄空白訂單: to place an order in blank
        訂貨已列帳: to take an orderto book an order
        接受訂單接受訂貨: to accept an orderto take an order
        決定成交: to close an order
        執行訂單: to fill an orderto execute an orderto attend to an orderto put an order through
        完成訂貨已交貨: to complete an order
        寄送一份訂單: to send an order
        發貨寄出貨品: to dispatch an order
        裝船已裝船: to ship an order
        改變訂貨變更訂單: to modify an orderto make alterrations in an order
        繼續訂貨: to repeat an order 

        Using effective questioning
        例如,你可以這樣問"What are you hoping to achieve today?
        Recovering from offending someone
        你可以說"If I seemed sharp a few moments ago,be assured that it was only due to my determination to make this work."
        Showing humility
        談判是雙方溝通的過程,所以必須避免陷于一連串的"I’ m right,you’ re wrong"的情形。展現親和力尊重那些對象,千萬不要裝做已有所有答案,請把一些議題的控制權讓給別人
        你可以說"That’ s more your area of expertise than mine,so I’ d like to hear more."
        Recovering from negotiation breakdown
        你可以說"What happened last week was unacceptable as it was unintentional.Shall we move on?"In business,skilled negotiation can be the difference between making a million dollar contract and being fired。 
      8、 客戶周旋的七個實用句型
          1. I will send you some brochures, if you are interested.
        2. Can you suggest an alternative﹖
        3. As an alternative, I wish to propose May 3rd.
        4. If you are interested, we may consider selecting you as our partner.
        5. I see. But aren’t these prices for your domestic customers﹖
        6.Yes, we take note of your comment. Prices depend also on volume. How much quantity do you forecast to sell in the first year﹖
        7.Then, let us develop together a marketing plan with yearly forecasts of volume with pricing.
        What about the price? 對價格有何看法?
        What do you think of the payment terms? 對支付條件有何看法?
        How do you feel like the quality of our products? 你覺得我們產品的質量怎么樣?
        What about having a look at sample first? 先看一看產品吧?
        What about placing a trial order? 何不先試訂貨?
        The quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not high as theirs. By the way, which items are you interested in?我們的產品質量與其他生產商一樣的好,而我們的價格卻不象他們的那樣高。哎,你對哪個產品感興趣?
        You can rest assured. 你可以放心。
        We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market.我們一直在提高我們產品的設計水平,以滿足世界市場的要求。
        This new product is to the taste of European market. 這種新產品歐洲很受歡迎。
        I think it will also find a good market in your market.我認為它會在你國市場上暢銷。
        Fine quality as well as low price will help push the sales of your products.優良的質量和較低的價格有助于推產品。
        While we appreciate your cooperation, we regret to say that we can’t reduce our price any further.雖然我們感謝貴方的合作,但是很抱歉,我們不能再減價了。
        Reliability is our strong point. 可靠性正是我們產品的優點。
        We are satisfied with the quality of your samples, so the business depends entirely on your price. 我們對樣品的質量很滿意,因此交易的成敗就取決于你們的價格了。

        To a certain extent,our price depends on how large your order is.在某種程度上,我們的價格就得看你們的定單有多大。
        This product is now in great demand and we have on hand many enquiries from other countries.這種產品現在需求量很大,我們手頭上來自其他國家的很多詢盤 。

        Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us what quantity you require so that we can work out the offer? 謝謝你詢價。為了便于我方提出報價,能否請你談談你方需求數量?
        Here are our FOB price. All the prices in the lists are subject to our final confirmation.
        這是我們的 FOB 價格單。單上所有價格以我方最后確認為準。
        In general, our prices are given on a FOB basis. 通常我們的報價都是FOB價。
      Our prices compare most favorably with quotations you can get from other manufacturers. You’ll see that from our price sheet. The prices are subject to our confirmation, naturally.
         We offer you our best prices, at which we have done a lot business with other customers.

        Will you please tell us the specifications, quantity and packing you want, so that we can work out the offer ASAP.
        This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in.
    • ·往期回顧 2013年3月2013-06-18

      往期回顧 2013年3月

      時間:2013-06-18   來源:河南民航發展投資有限公司

         I will send you some brochures, if you are interested.


        Can you suggest an alternative﹖


        As an alternative, I wish to propose May 3rd.


        David: Good morning, Carol. It's great to see you again. Did you have a good trip over?


        Carol: Yes, it was a good flight. I was a little tired yesterday, but I'm OK now.


        David: Great!If you're ready, I’d like to introduce you to some of our key personnel.


        Carol: Let's go.


        David: Carol, this is Kathy Chen, our Financial Officer. Kathy, I'd like you to meet Carol Jacobs.

        Carol,這是 Kathy Chen,我們的財務主管,Kathy,這是Carol Jacobs。

        Carol: I'm pleased to meet you, Kathy. You’re doing a great job. The division's finances are in top shape.


        Kathy: Thank you, Ms Jacobs. I'm happy to meet you, too.


        David: And this is Ben Guo. He's in charge of Marketing. Ben, let me introduce Carol Jacobs.

        這是 Ben Guo。他主管營銷。Ben,我來介紹一下 Carol Jacobs。

        Ben: How do you do, Ms Jacobs?

        你好,Jacobs 女士。

        Carol: It's a pleasure to meet you, Ben. So you’re the one responsible for those outstanding sales figures I've seen.


        Ben: Thank you. I must say I have a great staff.


        David: I think you'll find all of our staff is top-notch.


        Carol: I'm already convinced of that, from the reports I’ve seen. Well, I'd like to see our manufacturing operation now, if I could.


        David: Sure thing!Right this way.


         在雙方談判的過程中,一定要注意傾聽對方的發言,如果對對方的觀點表示了解,可以說: I see what you mean.(我明白您的意思。)

        如果表示贊成,可以說:That's a good idea.(是個好主意。)

         或者說:I agree with you.(我贊成。)

        如果是有條件地接受,可以用on the condition that這個句型,例如:

        We accept your proposal, on the condition that you order 20,000 units.



        I don't think that's a good idea.


        或者 Frankly, we can't agree with your proposal.(坦白地講,我無法同意您的提案。)

        如果是拒絕,可以說:We're not prepared to accept your proposal at this time.

       ?。ㄎ覀冞@一次不準備接受你們的建議。) 有時,還要講明拒絕的理由,如

        To be quite honest, we don't believe this product will sell very well in China.



        No, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. What I was trying to say was...


        或者說:Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. Then I go along with you.




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